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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  July 11, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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noisy protest. what investigators are saying about a young girl's death at a sleepover party. >> complete bay area news starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is monday, july 11. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. a protest against the shooting of a bar platform earlier this month is causing major disruptions tonight. several states within the city have been impacted. david stevenson is live with the latest. >> reporter: well, gasia, you
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can see where the civic center station was closed out at 5:15 to you can hear some yelling of the protesters. earlier there was about 100 people who were out at civic center station. ktvu was the only station to have live pictures. here are the pictures from earlier in the day when the protesters were downstairs. they are protesting the july 3rd shooting of bart police officers. protesters wanted bart officers charged in the police force disbanded even with dozens of bart standing by, that prompted
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the closure of civic center station. >> people decided they were going to put people's lives at risk and we had to make the decision to shut down the station. >> it was fairly peaceful. people were marching around saying, no justice, no peace. things got a little heated when a bart train stopped and people tried to push their way in. >> reporter: right now you can see the remnants of some of those protesters moving down market street. they are being trailed by san francisco police officers on motorcycles and vehicles as well. bart police have told us in the last 10 minutes that they have not made any arrests. it's unclear right now it's san francisco police made any
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arrests, too. we have learned that bart will be assessing whether to open civic center station as soon as 15 minutes from now. that decision could come again, in 15 minutes. at this hour the protest continues and police are shadowing the remaining protesters. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. we will continue to follow this story and update you as we learn more during this newscast and during the 10:00 news could we are all so getting the video and will be posting that on alcohol is likely to blame for the death of a 14-year-old san francisco girl. the takeimi rao was found dead
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in her bedroom. they were apparently drinking soda out of a plastic bottle. rao's friend told that she is shocked that the girls were drinking alcohol. >> she has, like, never done that before. she has always, like, watched over me and made sure i make the right choices. san jose police say a 13- year-old boy with autism was found in southern california to he bought himself -- and he bought himself a greyhound ticket. they caught up with him in the san fernando valley. san jose police are heading there to bring him home. the family of missing
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nursing student michelle le raise the award money to $100,000. hayward police consider her disappearance to be a homicide. the le family says they will not give up hope. police are investigating the second shooting in less than one week. the victim was walking along the trail. he and his friends were drinking and firing a stolen handgun randomly when he was shot in the abdomen. new at 7:00, we have learned that one landlord has lost her properties and will not be allowed to go rental properties in the city. >> reporter: ktvu began investigating complaints early this year and now this court
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order says the landlord will never be able to own this apartment building or any other multilevel apartment building in the city. >> reporter: they have about 10,000 photos. he says that the owner has repeatedly ignored citations in one of the most egregious landlord neglect cases the city has seen. >> these are vulnerable tenants. it's not safe for anyone in the communities. >> reporter: ktvu investigating the complaints. one building caught fire last november and officials say there were no working smoke detectors. gardner says she is the victim and the problems are due to tend to do not pay rent or
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broke the pictures. she says she has been overwhelmed and she dumped out a bag of mail in front of me. >> i am a human being and i wish they had justice. >> reporter: today we learned that garner lives a rather large house in oakland could she must pay $80,000 fine and tenants will not have to pay rent until she fixes the problems. the search resumed today for those seven fishermen missing in the gulf of mexico. it had spent eight days since the boat sank. some of those who survived were
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able to swim to numeral islands. a team of divers is heading to the region but last week or they have not yet arrived. a group of schoolchildren held a bake sale today. >> i just really hope that mandi gets better. >> the family had not given up hope that the man will be found alive. firefighters say the fire that damaged a daly city school overnight is likely a case of arson. firefighters say they were able to extinguish the fire within 15 minutes. it appears that fire was started at three different locations outside the portable. there were new concerns
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tonight about a widening debt crisis in europe. both italy and spain are showing troubling signs of mounting debt. portugal greece, and ireland are facing bailouts. >> now is the time to do with these issues. >> the president said democrats need to be open to making changes while republicans should be willing to raise taxes on the rich but neither side appears to be willing to budge and the deadline is just a few weeks a way. the dow shed 151 points and
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the nasdaq fell 2%. cisco is expected to announce layoffs tomorrow and as many as 5000 employees could lose their jobs. they are trying to trim $1 billion in operating expenses. the province during the last quarter were down 17% from the previous year. san francisco city officials released a massive report on potential impacts of the america's cup competition and what it could have on the environment. the report is required by state law. they will transform the water fund for the sale -- the waterfront for the sailing competition in 2015. city leaders laid out a plan and how they would deal with spectators and a large number of yachts and that they. >> we want to make sure that  air quality is negatively
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impacted. >> the race will pump $1.4 billion in members of the public have until august 25th to comment. a federal appeals court asked the obama and she should whether it would defense the ban on gay people serving openly in the military. a week ago a ninth circuit court issued an injunction. however, the white house can still decide to appeal the court's decision. technically they do not hit store shelves until tomorrow, but we found a copy of kidnap victim jaycee dugard's memoir. >> how the role of u.s. women's soccer teams are impacting one bay area athlete. fire danger down and air
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quality is better. temperatures in your neighborhood are quite a bit cooler. i will be right back you with your. i want to crush more cars.
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>> tenants from san francisco's park merced complex sued over a plan for their neighborhood that would raise rents and i thought the elderly and middle- class. the board president says current tenants will have lifelong leases and they will not have to move out until a new unit is ready. the department of motor vehicles launched a new campaign urging people to pull over. most recently a man was killed
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and san francisco. the law requires drivers to move over a lane when they see a vehicle with flashing yellow lights. the memoir "a stolen life" by jaycee dugard will hit store shelves tomorrow. and our tara moriarty got her hands on the book. >> reporter: jaycee dugard describes how she was snatched from her home. >> my name is jaycee lee dugard. >> reporter: she explains how garridos raped her and how she kept her children had -- in a backyard compound. >> reporter: she hopes her book will inspire other victims.
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but for other parents they are not sure if they will crack open the book. >> it seems to me too hard, too painful. >> reporter: in 1989i lead was 13 years old when she be banished -- eileen was 13-year- old when she vanished. >> it has just been rehashed and rehashed so many times. >> reporter: some say the book is too sensational but others are curious. >> it will definitely be more interesting than somebody else's story. >> reporter: they say gives him hope that their own daughter is still alive. members of the public have just a few hours to pay their
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respects to former first lady betty ford. it will continue until midnight. ford will be buried next to her husband. leon panetta has blunt criticism of the iraqi government today. >> they want to get a minister of defense or don't stay? buds damage, make a decision. >> they say they will not stand by. later he met with iraq's president. shareholders are suing rupert morlock's news court over a phone hacking scandal in britain. they alleged immediately obtained phone and bank records
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of former prime minister gordon brown. in the meanwhile, clear channel announced a new option for their i heart radio service. they say they will have more songs span pandora, which went public last month. the world is still buzzing today after the usp -- u.s. beat brazil in the world cup. the victory vaulted the u.s. team into the international spotlight and put women's soccer back in the public's eye. as robert honda reports, they are in spreading those that
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want their sport to keep growing. >> reporter: emma summers is holding her goaltending and acknowledges she is playing with more intensity this week, challenged by bullies and inspired by the women's world cup team. >> women can do as much as boys can do. i really look up to them, and it's really good to see what they are doing good. >> reporter: many players say they know it was a triumph in 1999 that led to a boom in girls playing soccer. >> i would love to grow up and be like them. >> when the women's soccer league was disbanded there was a lot of soccer players that went unknown and people probably do not even know all of the team players right now. >> reporter: jeremy agrees, he
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is the regional manager for a nonprofit. >> i think we will get a good turnout. maybe 20% of the girls that never kicked a ball may be interested now. >> i like it when the girls do really good. >> robert honda, ktvu channel 2 news. organizers of "save half dome" have signed a petition. they are protesting a permit system that limits the number of hikers to 300 a day. they say that the client has gotten too crowded and dangerous. what is the significance of
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today's date? for the world's largest convenience store franchise is enough to give away your signature drink. >> chief meteorologist bill martin will tell us where it will be the coolest tomorrow. >> you can watch all the newscasts including bay area news at 7:00 on your computer or mobile device. we are streaming live for you at
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>> the promise of free slurpies had people lining up today. the store is giving away 7- ounce slurpies. promotion is a hitch. the source says the free slurpies will be given away until midnight tonight. >> my kid went down there today. it is a good day for slurpies. temperatures got into the 70s and low 80s. let's take a look out there at
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live stormtracker 2. temperatures trending down. summertime is fire time. and i know they like this pattern because it is cooler and moist. to its low pressure is the main feature that lingers. temperatures -- this low pressure and steaming feature that lingers. temperatures are going to start to warm up for the tail end of the weekend. it takes the fog and pushes it all the way to the gulf. in the morning you will still
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have fog. temperatures slightly cooler than they were today. temperatures will be into their mid and upper 60s in the east bay hills. were there were 100-degree readings, we are looking at upper 70s and low 80s. fire danger is down and the air quality is really good. unless you are along the coast, it is foggy their all day. a big change from what we experienced last week when we were in the 90s and one hundreds. here comes your weekend, warmer as we head into sunday. before we go we have an update on the bart protest. about 100 people are gathered
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at powell and market. early this evening to protest led to the closure of the civic center station. it had spent a slow and difficult commutes for bart riders and we will post updates for you at and on the 10:00 news. >> that is our report for now. i am gasia mikaelian. "tmz" is up next right here on tv 36.
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